Politics and Legislation

CSEA no longer provides lobbying, legislative or political action services. Every CSEA Affiliate has its own legislative affairs section on their website. Click on an affiliate logo to visit.

Association of California State Supervisors
California State Retirees

SEIU Local 1000
CSU Employees Union

About Us

The California State Employees Association provides membership, accounting, payroll, IT and human resources services to affiliated organizations:

CSEA also has an active Member Benefits program, which provides discounts on a wide variety of products -- from movie and theme park tickets to home, auto, life and health insurance -- available to affiliate members.

If you are a dues-paying member in an Association Partnership Program organization, you are also eligible for the discounts from our Member Benefits program.

APP Members are:

  • Faculty Association of California Community Colleges
  • Sacramento County Administrative Professionals Association
  • Sacramento County Management Association