Saturday, November 17, 2018

Procrastinating about Life Insurance?


You’ve probably heard a version of the proverbial saying: “nothing is certain except death and taxes.” And we all know, as unpleasant as both are, they are inevitable.

That’s why it was surprising when a recent study revealed that 41 percent (less than half) of all U.S. adults do not have life insurance—the key financial security to protect loved ones if a primary bread winner dies. 
According to a LIMRA study, Facts About Life (September 2011), fewer and fewer American adults own life insurance.
Since death is certain, why doesn’t every American household have life insurance? Here are some of the primary conclusions from the study:
  • Since 2004, the chance of married men having any life insurance has dropped across every income level – low, middle and affluent. 
  • Women with life insurance are not only declining, but are still significantly less likely than men of the same age to own life insurance.
  • More and more U.S. adults now lean on Employer-Sponsored life insurance- and for the first time since group life insurance was introduced, the percentage of group life insurance ownership has exceeded adults who have individual life insurance (36% to 35%).
So if you don’t have any life insurance or know you need more but you’re concerned about the economy and affordability of it, what can you do?
Many Americans who need affordable life insurance generally purchase Term Life Insurance. Term Life Insurance is one of the least expensive types of life insurance in the market. It provides a lump sum death benefit when the insured dies. 
Term Life Insurance can be offered in different term options—from yearly renewable term to 10, 15, and 20 or even longer periods. This makes it easy and flexible to tailor to your family’s budget and personal needs. 
Plus, it offers ideal coverage that can be used to supplement other coverage you already have or it can be used as your primary source of coverage.
The bottom line is to make sure you have enough life insurance for your loved ones in case something happens to you – and to find a resource you can trust to provide this important financial security for you and your family.
With all of these considerations, CSEA has worked diligently to revise and create new life insurance products just to cater to you and your family’s needs. Check them out today at It’s all there: affordable group rates, higher benefit levels and trustworthy plans right at your finger tips.

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