Saturday, October 20, 2018

Book Flights on Wednesday to Save!


Summer may be coming to a close, but our great discounts are still available.  If you plan on traveling this month or are making plans for the holidays, travel smart and make your plans with these tips in mind.

Did You Know, according to AARP travel expert Peter Greenberg, the best time to buy your flight is at 12:01 Wednesday morning in the time zone where the airline is based?  That is when un-bought discount fares come flooding back into the airlines' computers.  Also, fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and at midday when fares are less expensive, rather than the beginning or end of the workday.

Arriving at your destination is the first leg of your journey.  If you need to rent a car, book your rental at a location beyond the airport where airport charges and additional taxes and fees do not apply. Use a shuttle to get from the airport to the rental car location and you can drive your way to additional savings!

When you check into your hotel don’t be afraid to bargain!  Ask for the manager and request a free room upgrade.  Inquire about the “club level” floor rooms where there is usually a lounge where guests can enjoy complimentary newspapers, breakfast, cocktails and appetizers.  The room may cost more but if you are traveling with a family of four you can save big with all the amenities.

Finally, if you’re vacationing in an unfamiliar area, be safe and be prepared!  Travel assistance products are something you should consider before every vacation.  These products can provide you peace of mind knowing that you have a team of experts on your side 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Did You Know CSEA Member Benefits offers products, services and discounts when you travel?  If you are in need of a rental car or hotel, visit our Discount page. If you want to learn more about CSEA’s travel assistance product (EA+) visit our Assistance page.

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