Saturday, October 20, 2018

Your New Member Benefits Website is Ready!


Did you know that the CSEA Member Benefits Website was redesigned? Did you know that you can now order tickets to the most popular theme parks, museums, and movie theaters online?

CSEA’s Member Benefits Website redesign provides members with more features, easier navigation, and answers to your frequently asked questions.  If you are looking for Fun, Security or Savings, Tickets, Insurance or Discounts, the CSEA Member Benefits Website has it all! 

Who is your EBR? What’s an EBR? Where can I get information on the insurance coverages? Can I keep my coverage if I cancel my CSEA membership?  Are Domestic Partners covered? These questions and more can be found in the Contact Us and FAQ sections of the Member Benefits Website. 

What if you want the latest information but don’t have the time to check the CSEA Member Benefits Website frequently?  Did you know that by subscribing to the CSEA Member Benefits e-Newsletter you obtain monthly information on the newest benefits available, receive announcements on special promotions, and have chances to win valuable prizes?

CSEA Member Benefits has just launched a Facebook page! Check out our Facebook page to learn about new products, special promotions, upcoming meetings, and special events. "Like" our page today to hear about upcoming events and to win special prizes! If 250 people "like" our page by April 30th we will raffle off a $100 Home Depot Gift Card. If 500 people "like" our page by April 30th we will raffle off two $100 Home Depot Gift Cards. "Like" our page today!

Check out the Did You Know feature in next month’s CSEA Member Benefits e-Newsletter to learn more about the exciting things happening on the CSEA Member Benefits Website and the CSEA Member Benefits Facebook page.  Each month in the Did You Know feature of the CSEA Member Benefits e-Newsletter, we will be bringing you important information on CSEA Member benefits, insurance industry news, and current events.  Look for valuable information on an important health related topic in the May Did You Know feature, and find out what happens to 75% of individuals 65 and older!

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