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Members Taking Care of Members – 2014 Scholarship Recipients

The CSEA Foundation is a non-profit, charitable corporation created to fund scholarships to CSEA affiliate members, dependents, spouses and grandchildren (ACSS, CSEA, CSR, CSUEU, SEIU Local 1000 and UAW). In 2014, the Foundation was able to increase the amount of the scholarships due to donations in memory of former CSEA President Yolanda Solari, who dedicated much of her life to fighting for the rights of CSEA state workers. She was the third woman voted to serve as CSEA President. The Foundation received over $14,500 dollars in her honor. These donations have created stable base for the Foundation, which was created during Yolanda's term as President.

The Foundation has awarded six (6) $1500 scholarships to the following dependents and grandchildren from qualified CSEA affiliates; ACSS, CSR, CSUEU and SEIU Local 1000. The best essay award was won by Austin Lovell. Austin's sponsor was Howell Lovell from ACSS, Chapter 503.

Teryn Caruso

From: El Dorado Hills, CA
High School Graduated from: Oak Ridge High School
Sponsoring Member: Linda Lea Foley
Affiliate: California State Retirees, Chapter 2

Erick M. Dietz, Jr.

From: Atwater, CA
High School Graduated from: Buhach Colony High School
Sponsoring Member: Erick M. Dietz
Affiliate: CSUEU, Chapter 308

Kari Tall-Domingos

From: Sacramento, California
High School Graduated from: Evangel University, Springfield, Maryland
Sponsoring Member: Sharon Tall
Affiliate: SEIU Local 1000, DLC 784

Vanessa Marie Lopez

From: Lancaster, CA
High School Graduated from: Highland High School
Sponsoring Member: Juan Jose Lopez Alcaraz
Affiliate: SEIU Local 1000, DLC 707

Ariel Raley

From: Rancho Murieta, CA
High School Graduated from: Cosumnes Oaks High School
Sponsoring Member: Araceli Nedoma
Affiliate: SEIU Local 1000, DLC 769

Austin Lovell - Best Essay

From: Elk Grove, CA
High School Graduated from: Elk Grove High School
Sponsoring Member: Howell Lovell
Affiliate: ACSS, Chapter 503

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Board Members: Jennifer O'Neal-Watts, CSUEU; Todd D'Braunstein, CSEA Board Representative, ACSS; Jessica Westbay, Board Member, CSUEU.

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